You can sell your tickets through your own online event page. Click to view a sample event.
As an event organiser, you can sell tickets through your own box office any way you like and still manage the order through Seaty. This service is completely free!
We will show your box office telephone on your event's landing page.
All our servers are hosted by Microsoft and based in the south of the UK near London.
You can allow people to leave a referral to other members when they order tickets.
You can speak to us at any time using the live chat button on the bottom right of every page. One of our team will be back in touch with you quickly.
There is a built in system to allow attendees to message organisations running events through the same live chat system you use to speak with Seaty.
Seaty is designed with ease of use in mind. Our website is fully mobile compatible and our user interface is clean and simple.
Seaty is built alongside the people that use it. The most important thing for us is listening to your ideas and where we think an idea can work for everyone, making it happen.
Our e-tickets can be printed at home and are completely mobile compatible if you wish to allow attendees to show them on their phones.
You can personalise your e-tickets and add your own company logo.
You can optionally enable barcodes on your tickets which allow you to use the Seaty app to scan them to check validity.
Our tickets are plain and simple and multiple tickets can fit on a single page. You can view tickets yourself as an organiser or have people print their tickets at home.
We will not overwhelm your guests by making them fill in dozens of fields of personal information before they can order a ticket. We take only the information we need and make buying your tickets a breeze.
Our order process happens directly from your event page. We do not require attendees to jump to and load lots of different pages when ordering their tickets, we make it quick and simple.
If you enable ticket requests you can allow your attendees to ask for tickets. As an organiser you will then be emailed and you can log in to accept/refuse a the request. The payment for the tickets can then be logged when the attendee/your member has paid. This process can be password protected.
When someone books or locks a ticket that ticket will instantly become unavailable to anyone that is looking at your seating plan.
Notes can be added to all orders and to each individual ticket.
You will get to create your own unique event tag for your event that will allow anyone to access it any buy tickets by jumping to
You can add terms and conditions to your event that will show and be printed on every single ticket.
You get your own event landing page where you can add all the additional information you like, as well as show off any awards your company has won.
You are in control of your event. We will provide you with a feature rich event editor that is simple to use and gives you information at each step.
Our seating plan editor makes it fast and easy to make and label seats. We also give you great tools for adding walkways, toilets, a stage and other options to seating plans.
As well as seated tickets we give you the option to make general admission tickets for your event with fixed and shared quantities.
We give you a dedicated section for adding venue information to your event's landing page.
We give you a dedicated section for adding information about your organisation and a link to your own web page from your event's landing page.
You can choose when your event is visible and when any of your event dates are available to the public.
You can set up any number or combination of seat and price categories for your tickets. All seat categories get their own colour to make them really visible in your seating plan.
You can set up certain tickets so they can only be seen by an event organiser.
We allow you to give tickets away for free as an event organiser to whoever you wish.
Our seating plans are colourful and vibrant and waiting for you to print them.
If you let us know we would be happy to feature your event on our home page to help you boost sales.
Mobile App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
You can download our free app to scan ticket barcodes. You don't need to rent or have any expensive equipment in order to scan your barcodes.
You can go to your events scan overview page and see scans appear in real time as they are scanned. Orders that appear can be managed as normal as an administrator making this a great way to manage tickets in a physical box office.
With the latest Seaty app you can scan multiple tickets at a time. All tickets in view of the camera will be scanned.
The Seaty app scans for tickets continuously. There is no delay between ticket scans and you can keep scanning as people come through the door. Meaning you can get people seated as quickly as possible.
Download the Seaty iOS app
Event Organisers / Admins
When you log into an event page as an administrator you will have unique admin options and features that work alongside the same view everyone else has of your events.
As an administrator you can write notes against each order and each individual ticket that can only be seen by administrators.
You can use the event landing page to easily manage and search for tickets at front of house.
As an event organiser you have the power to issue cancellations with or without refunds at any time.
We allow you to log payments that you have accepted outside of Seaty at any time. You don't even have to assign a payment or refund to a specific ticket if you don't want to you can just make a payment against a users balance at any amount you like and it's all clearly tracked in the system.
As an event organiser you can see an order at any time from the seating plan by clicking on a seat. It will even show you other tickets in the order.
As an admin of an event you will get an automatic email when anyone orders tickets, makes payments or if anything changes with your event.
You can transfer orders from an existing user to another one without having to cancel them, the old and new owner of the tickets will be emailed.
You can print or re-send tickets at any time as an event organiser.
Administrators can easily generate balance invoices for any money outstanding for tickets issued. The statement shows all orders and all payments made.
Attendees can view all of their tickets for all of their events at any time by creating an account on Seaty. They can also see if they have an outstanding balance for any event.
If an attendee owes money for tickets they have been issued they can pay off their balance at any time from the event's page.
All attendees can write notes on each of their tickets to easily keep track of which ticket is for who. All attendee notes will be printed on each ticket for easy reference.
You can create a discount that is applied automatically as criteria is met or that require a specific discount code to be entered at checkout.
Discounts can have a specific set of criteria. You can make a discount that requires a specific amount of a certain ticket to be inside an order to become active.
You can create discounts that require a certain number of tickets to be ordered in total to become active.
When all of the criteria has been met your discount can offer a percentage off the total order, a fixed amount off the total order or any number of the cheapest tickets in the order free as they end result.
The event summary page gives you a single location to view all the total sales for your tickets with breakdowns on each ticket category. There are also a series of printable charts and graphs that give clear analytics of weekly and total sales.
We have created an interactive orders and payments page that allows you to view all the orders and payments by attendee and trace who has sold the most tickets. This page also lets you manage every aspect of an attendees order.
We have created charts for comparing events sales week by week before an event began. So you can easily tell how well one event is doing compared to a previous similar one from the past.
We allow you to see your average sale price and give projections of how much it is possible for you to make on your event if you sell all tickets.
You can export the raw data for your event from Seaty at any time in Excel format. This will allow you to make any reports you want. All order, cancellation and payment information is included inside the spreadsheet in its rawest form for you to play with.
We have made a search system for orders that let's you find them easily filtered by order ID, attendee name, admin notes and other order information. You can even access it as an admin from the event landing page.
We can give you code to host a calendar for you event that will lead directly to your landing page.
We can give you code that will allow you to host and sell the tickets directly from your own website.