Seaty will always be completely free to use for all event organisers.
Creating orders for in-house complimentary, cash, cheque, bank transfer or card payments outside of Seaty is completely free.
Creating orders that are to be paid for at a later date and logging those payments when made is completely free.
A fee is only ever added to orders paid for by debit or credit card online at:
8%per ticket
Minimum total fee of £1.00 per entire order processed by card
Online card payment fee's
A booking fee is applied to all debit and credit card payments that are made online through Seaty which is calculated based on the ticket prices you set up. You can set up how fee's are calculated for each event in different ways.
The fee will be added to the cost of a ticket at time of purchase.
The fee will be included in the price you set for the ticket.
Fee calculator
£per ticket
Pass fee to attendee
Absorb fee in cost of ticket