Custom Event Home

Create a home for your event's box office with Seaty. A place to share and manage all your ticket sales.

Seating Plans

Seaty provides a simple online seating plan editor. Seating plans are a clean and elegant way to sell your tickets. Ours are fully mobile friendly and easy to use.

Online Card Payments

Seaty payment processing can handle card payments for your tickets through Stripe, our secure provider.

Our payment processing service is available for an 7.2% flat fee that you can either absorb in the cost of a ticket, or pass on to the attendees that want to pay by card. All fees are made clear at the time of purchase.

We charge no fee for creating events and booking or managing tickets through Seaty from your own box office.

Feel free to ask us a question about card payments.

Safe and Secure

All order requests have to be approved by the event admins. All online payment orders are done over our provider's secure connection.

Seat Requests

If you decide so, users of Seaty can request available seats online through your events seating plans. Request notifications will be emailed to you and can then be approved or refused as you deem fit, payments for requested seats are collected as you please in agreement with the attendee.

Features for Everyone!

Seaty focuses its features on more than just the event admins. Attendees that book tickets through Seaty can log in and manage their ticket sales.

Seaty supports event attendees by allowing them to clearly see what they've booked, where they're sitting, what they owe and when they've made payments.

Ticket Notes

We've made it possible for attendees to add notes to tickets to help manage their purchases easily. Their notes will even appear on the ticket.

As an administrator, you can even add your own notes to orders & tickets that only you and other admins can see.

Sales Reports

Access real-time ticket sales reports and the amounts paid and due for collection. Event planners and attendees can track seat orders, what is owed and what has been paid for an event through Seaty.


Seaty is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers in the United Kingdom.

Simple Forms

We won't overload your attendees with dozens of forms and fields to fill out. With Seaty people can buy tickets in a few easy steps!

No User Account Required

At Seaty we want to sell your tickets as efficiently as possible. We will not force your attendees to make an account in order to buy tickets. Your tickets are available 24/7 to anybody that wants them.

Share & Care

Get the word out to potential attendees through social media and your very own unique event link

No More Paper

Get rid of paper notes and complicated spreadsheets that get lost or misplaced. Seaty provides a simple and secure platform shared by all members of the ticketing team, with order and payment dashboards available for admins, agents and attendees.

Real Time Seat Availability

Complete transparency of available seats that are updated in real time. Seaty makes knowing what seats remain available fast, clear and easy for everyone!